8th Grade Work Ethics Certificate

In January of 2023, Bardstown City Schools students were given an opportunity to develop and be recognized for their work ethic. The district continues to implement the Work Ethic Certification program for the 2023-24 school year to further prepare students for successful transitions to work and education beyond their BCS experience.

At Bardstown Middle the Work Ethic Certification is awarded to eighth graders who complete a series of accomplishments that includes activities, courses and experiences to foster career readiness and portrays The Bardstown Graduation. Eighth  grade students who complete the voluntary criteria each year will be recognized. 

What Is The Criteria for 8th Graders?


In the 8th grade year, students much achieve a GPA of 2.5.


Minimum of 90 percent attendance rate. Excused absences, unexcused absences, tardies, and suspended days are included in the attendance calculation. 


No severe discipline events and no more than two minor discipline events during the student's 8th grade school year.

Community Service

A minimum of 8 hours of community service throughout middle school years. The community service log must be completed and signed by parent/guardian and representative of the community organization for service hours to be counted.


Must be involved in at least one school or community sport or extracurricular/co-curricular activity, such as a club, student career and tech organization, academic team, etc.


Present an independent project, either orally or written, displaying proficiency in work ethics, and core content (reading, writing, math, science, social studies). Project must emphasize the importance of work ethics and how the academic concept(s) can be applied to be successful in the workforce. Professional attire required at presentation. Student must provide evidence of presentation (video, photos, slide deck, writing sample, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should My Student Earn This Certification?

The Work Ethic Certification is a signal to employers that a student is prepared to engage in the workforce. The certification validates that the individual has acquired habits, knowledge and skills foundational to entering the workforce. Students receiving this recognition should have an advantage when seeking employment as it easily identifies them as potential career ready employees.

How Does My Student Submit Community Service Hours?

Students should use this Community Service Form to keep track of their service hours. When the student has reached the required number of service hours the student will turn the completed form into their BHS Best Time teacher.

How Does My Student Submit Their Extracurricular Activities?

Each student’s school-related extracurricular activities are logged in Infinite Campus. Parents can check to see if their child’s activities are correctly logged by logging into their Parent Portal account and checking their student’s schedule. ¬†Activities will appear at the bottom of your child’s schedule. See an example here.